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Lunchbox: Metro Cafe


Metro Cafe 43 South William Street, Dublin 2

Metro Cafe 43 South William Street, Dublin 2

Metro Cafe 43 South William Street, Dublin 2

Lunch Review: Metro Cafe 43 South William Street, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6794515 ***

On a sunny Saturday afternoon – yes, there was one once last month – it is impossible to miss the buzz at the top end of South William Street. In the cluster of coffee houses, Metro Café seems to be the mothership, with some of the others catching the spillover. Well, I'm all about mother love, so Metro has to be the destination for me.

The Cost: €16.50 for Chicken Louisana sandwich (€6.95), sausage sandwich (€7.25) and latte (€2.30), all takeaway.

The Look: It's all very French, with its red and white striped awnings, green leather banquettes, wood panelling and vintage posters. Inside, there are rooms on different levels giving a sense of intimacy to the space you're in, whilst actually being surprisingly spacious.

The Goods: A more interesting range of sandwiches than most and plenty of salad and brunch options. In ascending order, the sandwiches are okay, the coffee is grand, the cake is very good and the service is excellent.

The Bad: My Louisianna chicken sandwich is rather meh. Its bun is far too bready, serving only to highlights the okayness of the innards. It could have borrowed some of the sausage sarnie's pzazz.

The Result: Interesting sausages with roasted red peppers, lovely relish, cheese with actual flavour and lettuce in a nutty bun. This is somewhere to linger long over brunch rather than rushed takeaway. The service is wonderful, prompt and efficient, with no one encouraging you to move along. Finally.

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