Wednesday 21 February 2018

Lunchbox: Hot Wok 2 North Earl Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 087 7453701

Hot Wok, 2 North Earl St., Dublin 1.
Hot Wok, 2 North Earl St., Dublin 1.

Sophie Gorman

I have to admit I've never really understood the point of noodles. They always seem a little gloopy to me, slithery and slimy and stodgy in a way that spaghetti somehow isn't.

I do realise a slight illogicality to my logic, heck, that's life. But if you're in a place called Hot Wok then you need to go with flow and order the noodles.

The Cost: €11.40 for lunch deal (€7.90) and chicken satay skewer (€3.50).

The Look: I suspect not a huge amount has been invested in the feng shui here, but there is no need for anything more than a counter, some bright signs, bar stools and a handful of tables outside. The heart of this design is a couple of woks, hot of course, with a chef throwing in fresh ingredients and noodles.

The Goods: The menu is dominated by noodles and Thai rice dishes, all served with vegetables or chicken, beef, duck or prawns. There are also two side dishes: chicken satay skewers and spring rolls. There is a meal deal for noodles/rice with spring roll/ satay skewer and soft drink for €7.90.

The Bad: Obviously I have bad noodle karma, everyone else is offered extra sauce on top but not me. And yes, the noodles aren't overly oily, but they are still a solid dense wedge of soy-ed up noodles that I just can't get my appetite around.

The Result: They are served with some nicely al dente julienned carrots, onions, chicken breast slivers and the odd stray broccoli floret. But everything really tastes of soy sauce. It will not go down as the tastiest meal I have ever had, but it is certainly fresh and filling. Me? I'll be sticking to spaghetti.

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