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Saturday 14 December 2019

Louis Walsh: A life in brief

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

BORN: August 5, 1952.

LIVES: Dublin, London and Miami.

FAMILY: Second-eldest of Maureen and the late Frank's nine children. His siblings are Evelyn, Paul, Frank, Eamon, Padraic, Joseph, Noel and Sarah.

ANY REGRETS? I've fallen out with people, and I speak my mind, but I have no regrets about anything in the business. I've slagged off Ronan Keating here and there, but he works his arse off and I can't take that away from him.


I was surprised about him becoming a father, and I think he was too. It was very emotional to see him with the baby. It really has changed him. I know the real Simon Cowell (right) and there is so much good in him. He doesn't curse, is never rude to anyone he meets, and gives lots of money to charity. We fight all the time, especially over songs, but he is incredibly loyal and expects it back.

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