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Lesser known Irish fish

Black Bass Deep water fish with a strong meaty texture. Known as mero in Spain where most of the Irish catch is sold.

Available in September by order from specialist fish stores. €18/kilo.

Witch Fish or Torbay Sole is a flat white fish similar to plaice. It's hugely popular in Spain. Can be used in most sole recipes.

Available by order from specialist fish stores. €8.50/kilo.

Albacore Tuna While blue tuna is a threatened species, Irish waters have a plentiful supply of albacore tuna. It has white chunky meat and is sometimes referred to as the 'chicken' of the sea. Much of the Irish catch is sold to canneries in Spain.

Available by order from specialist fish stores from early summer. €22/kilo for loin.

Razor Clams A meaty shell-fish that's popular in France and Spain. Cook them as per mussels.

Available year-round from specialist food stores. € 6.95/kilo.

Velvet Crab While the Irish fish industry has struggled to make its mark in some areas, it has captured 25% of the European market for crab. Velvet can be fished all year-round but is best in the summer months. Proven to be quite a speciality on the continent.

They are available to order year-round but availability is weather dependent. €7.50/kilo live.

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Blue Ling Ling is a member of the cod family and most of the Irish catch is sold abroad. Often used in a chowder mix.

Available year-round by order from specialist fish shops. €8.50/kilo.

For price comparison Irish cod is currently available in fish shops from now until mid-March, €16.95/kilo. Prices supplied are guidelines only. For details of specialist fish shops check out: www.seafoodcircle.ie

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