Tuesday 20 March 2018

It's World Egg Day - here's 10 things you'll understand if you hate eggs

Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

To mark World Egg Day, here's 10 things you'll understand if you hate eggs.

1. Having to say "no egg, please" on the majority of food orders

2. Being disgusted when an egg somehow creeps into a dish although it wasn't on the menu

Egg salad

3. How the yolk runs in a soft boiled egg and makes you want to gag

4. The crusty texture of a fried egg


5. Shuddering when someone brings a boiled egg in for lunch

6. The stench of a scrambled (or any) egg that lingers for days

Aoife has some scrambled eggs on toast at the weekend.

7. How eggs seem to be in everything

8. How people judge you for not eating eggs

Eggs are a good source of iron.

9. Judging others for eating eggs

10. Being perfectly content with Easter eggs being the only variation of egg you consume

Creme Egg

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