Sunday 26 May 2019

'It was beyond edible' - Hospital served this meal to heavily pregnant woman who has high blood pressure

Eileen Ferguson was served this dish after she was admitted to hospital with blood pressure.
Eileen Ferguson was served this dish after she was admitted to hospital with blood pressure. Newsdesk Newsdesk

A woman who is 37 weeks pregnant and who was admitted to hospital for high blood pressure has hit out at the “totally inappropriate” food she was served during her stay.

Eileen Ferguson from Cork was admitted to Cork University Maternity Hospital, one of the country’s largest maternity hospitals, as part of an unplanned stay.

For her dinner, she was served a portion of chips, two sausages, and a rasher.

“I had high blood pressure and they admitted me for the second time in a week,” she told Today With Sean O’Rourke.

“They’re absolutely fantastic there… the staff are amazing… it was just when my food arrived that I couldn't physically bring myself to eat it.”

“You’re presented with a menu the evening before so if you arrive in the afternoon or the morning, it’s already pre-ordered for you.”

“I was there for high blood pressure. Sausages, rashers and chips are very high in salt. There was no way, I couldn’t eat it. I did try to eat it but it was beyond edible at that stage, and I just said that I wasn’t going to eat it.”

“It’s not going to help your recovery,” she added.

Eileen’s husband Neil, who is a chef, believes that more nutritional food should be offered.

“There are other options that they offer, but what they put in front of her is an example of what she shouldn’t be given… being admitted for high blood pressure.”

A spokesperson told Today With Sean O’Rourke: “'All patients are offered a daily menu of healthy options that include salads, brown bread, fruit and yogurts. Every effort is made by the ward manager to ensure each patient receives an appropriate and nutritionally balanced meal of their choice."

"While we do not comment on individual cases, we apologise for any stress or inconvenience caused to this patient.”

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