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Ireland's favourite foreign cuisine has been revealed and it might surprise you


Chef holding mouth watering pasta salad, ready to serve.

Chef holding mouth watering pasta salad, ready to serve.

Chef holding mouth watering pasta salad, ready to serve.

Every town across the country now has an array of restaurants offering international cuisine to cater for our every more adventurous taste buds.

A new survey, conducted by Taste of Dublin ahead of the upcoming event at Iveagh Gardens in Dublin, now reveals which of those foods are our favourites.

Italian food is the most popular foreign food in Ireland with 37% per cent of people choosing it as their number one.  However, it was closely followed by Thai food at 35 per cent.

Indian food came third, with slightly more Irish men choosing it than Irish women - at 25 per cent and 22 per cent respectively.

A further 16 per cent of people favour French food while Mexican came in next at 14 per cent, followed by Japanese at 12.

Eighties favourite, Chinese food, slipped down to sixth place with just 11 per cent of people choosing it as their favourite.  It was followed by Lebanese (7%), Vietnamese (6%), Korean (2%) and Nepalese (2%).

In terms of trying different international flavours, 7 in 10 people try them when they eat out or order in once a month or more.  Just 13 per cent like to try it weekly while almost a quarter of people try it once a month. 

Only 6 per cent rarely try foreign foods.

A whopping 9 out of 10 Irish people believe our tastes have become more diverse in the past five years and the same number believes that the international flavours on offer in Irish restaurants has widened.

The survey also looked at wine and France continues to be the most popular country of origin for Irish wine quaffers. It's favoured by 32 per cent of people although men are more likely to buy French than women (36% versus 30%).

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The second most popular country of origin is Spain on 22per cent, closely followed by Italy on 21 per cent.  New Zealand (18%) just edges out Chile (18%) next, with Australia further back on 13 per cent and other locations making up the rest (10%).

1,773 people participated in the survey which was conducted at the end of April.  Further information about the survey and about this year’s Taste of Dublin is available on www.tasteofdublin.ie  Tickets can also be purchased on the website, from €15. 

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