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Saturday 24 August 2019

'I miss the butter and eggs, Irish produce is amazing' - Irish baking star in the US extolls the virtues of Irish food

Gemma Stafford. Credit: Bigger Bolder Baking
Gemma Stafford. Credit: Bigger Bolder Baking
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

“Apart from my family, I miss the produce. The eggs and butter and cream and milk. They’re just so amazing here. They’re so different in the States."

Gemma Stafford, originally from Wexford, is a YouTube star known for her baking in the US. She runs Bigger Bolder Baking, which has 1.4million subscribers, with her Californian husband.

Mathew McConaghey and David Arquettes’ wives have cooked from her recipes and shared them online, she tells

"In the supermarket in the States, cream is just white and doesn’t have the flavour. The lovely bright orange yolks in eggs, you don’t get them in the States unless you pay a high price.”

“We don’t always get the best rep for food in Ireland. I always say to people in the US that the produce is amazing.”

“It’s great to be home and to make my way around my kitchen. It’s just really lovely that eggs, milk, cream and butter are basic ingredients that people can afford. In the States it’s just not fair, they’re more expensive. Here in petrol stations you can just pick them up.”

The YouTube star is home to support Holles Street Foundation’s Bun in The Oven campaign, which is asking Irish people to host coffee mornings to raise funds.

Gemma is enjoying some down time at home where she has been sampling Irish delicacies like fairy cakes, flapjacks, and sponge cakes.

“I bake traditional Irish dishes, I’m a big fan of queen of puddings, I’m a huge fan of that. If I make that in Ireland people will eat it, but if I make it for my husband, he’ll ask me what is it?”

“I try and take the fear out of baking for people. I’ve been baking since I was young so I know the stumbling blocks, and I try and write recipes that have not too much kitchen equipment, and the same with ingredients.”

“I say to people, have faith and just have confidence in yourself that it’ll work out and it will.”

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