Monday 23 October 2017

'I even make bread with over-ripe bananas'

No food goes to waste in Antoinette Traynor's household.

The Dublin mother of three said she is very reluctant to throw anything out as nearly everything can be put to use with a little effort.

Soups, curries and casseroles are all part of the secret of using up all those bits and pieces that might otherwise wither away

"I almost wouldn't throw vegetables out unless they were growing hairs out of them," she said.

For example, if she makes roast chicken one day the next she makes a chicken curry with broccoli, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes or whatever other veg is in the fridge.

With bread, she always makes sure to freeze some to have what she needs for school lunches for her children Scott (14), Cian (10) and Charlotte (8).

Antoinette also uses over-ripe bananas to make banana bread – but if it doesn't suit to bake immediately she freezes the bananas for another day.

A food flask is also a good way of giving the kids a hot lunch at school with leftover pasta.

Antoinette said she's also conscious of cutting energy waste – so if she's roasting meat, she'll also roast the veg to go with it rather than cooking it separately on the hob.

"Nothing goes to waste in our house, so even a small amount will go in a tub for one of the kids another day," she said.

The family dog Sam also makes his contribution to stopping food waste by eating scraps from the dinner.

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