Wednesday 17 January 2018

How to make the perfect Irish coffee

Ingredients- 1 raw sugar cube, 1.5 ounces Irish whiskey, 4 ounces coffee, unsweetened fresh whipped cream


Pour the whiskey over the sugar in a stemmed Irish coffee glass and top with coffee. Ladle one inch of cream on top. Use one teaspoon of raw sugar if you don't have cubes.

Irish coffee is a surprisingly difficult drink to get right. With only a few basic ingredients, it's not a difficult drink to make but it's easy to make them badly and ending up with something much too sweet or that's basically a cup of coffee flavoured with a bit of whiskey.

There is a tendency for some bartenders to drown the drink in coffee by serving it in a large mug. However, the classic Irish coffee mug is eight ounces.

The sweetness problem is caused by using canned whipped cream as a topping instead of whipping your own unsweetened cream.

This popular drink already has sugar in it, and adding sweetened cream on top gives it a sickly sweetness that completely throws off the taste of the whiskey and coffee.

The cream should be fresh and lightly whipped so that it isn't quite stiff; it should be easy to pour or spoon on to the coffee.

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