Happy Pear twins reveal how their third book is more accessible, why they're more relaxed about food, and happier

David and Stephen Flynn are Known as much for their handstands and sunrise swims as their vegan cooking. Here, Orla Neligan joins them for a summer picnic to find out how to live a truly joyous life

The Happy Pear: Dave and Steve Flynn at their restaurant in Clondalkin. Photo: ©Fran Veale

On arrival at the recently opened Happy Pear café in Clondalkin, I am greeted with a familiar sight: the Flynn twins are upside down in a 'mirror-style handstand' getting their photo taken. In between shots, they are swiping food off plates, handing it to passers-by and stopping to chat to everyone. Their energy is palpable, akin to a small child after they've consumed a giant bag of sugar cubes. When they talk it's with a ragged, energising symphony of sentence-finishing, often speaking in unison interrupted with raucous laughing. I had spent a week with the Flynn boys last summer working on their third cookbook, Recipes for Happiness, and was both amazed, impressed and exhausted by their verve for life.