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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Grub's up – but I'm not a fan of locusts and worms

Irish Independent reporter Majella O
Irish Independent reporter Majella O"Sullivan considers some roasted locusts at the Rentokil-Initial 'Pest-aurant'. Picture by Don MacMonagle
Majella O’Sullivan tries roasted locusts.
Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

INSECTS, bugs and worms may be served up to two billion people worldwide but do they actually taste good?

The simple answer is no, unless you enjoy goldfish food as an alternative snack.

Not that I'm in the habit of eating fish food but the dehydrated texture and mildly fishy smell is similar to the taste of the pesky delights being offered up by Rentokil Initial at a charity event.

Over 1,900 different species are used as food globally and are considered a good source of vitamins.

First up was the plain-roasted locusts.

They look like locusts, taste mildly fishy with a not unpleasant crunchy texture.

Next up was the plain-roasted mealworms, appetisingly presented in small bowls.

They looked like they should be wriggling but, of course, were bone dry to the touch and stiff.

Again, that mild but unmistakable fishy aftertaste.

So what about a curry-flavoured one? It tastes like curry but wait, there it is again that fish-food flavour.

The sweet varieties didn't fare any better.

A chocolate bug bar is still just bugs covered in chocolate but what's the point?

We eat with our eyes and they still look like bugs so I think I'll stick to crisps.

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