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Foodie to follow: @dailyspud

Twitter can be the most wondrous of places to source information about all things foodie, but you have to be following the right foodies to find out the most delicious of titbits.

A good place to start is with The Daily Spud (www.twitter.com/dailyspud), otherwise known as Aoife Cox, custodian, guardian and promoter of the marvels of the humble spud.

Operating from a kitchen in Dublin, The Daily Spud shares recipes mainly -- but not exclusively -- of the spud variety. Potato delicacies featured in the past include a dynamite potato farl recipe, lovely latkes, precious potato-apple parcels, and a curious but resoundingly delicious potato milkshake.

Cox's recipes always turn out well, but if you're having any trouble you can holler at her on Twitter, where she's happy to administer advice.

See www.thedailyspud.com.

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