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Foodie news: Aoife McElwain (icanhascook.wordpress.com)

FOODIE TO FOLLOW: @adventuresinveg. Journalist and DJ Aoife Barry is arguably the best source of vegan and vegetarian diet information among the Irish foodie community on Twitter.

Having been a fairly recent convert to vegetarianism along with her non-dairy and egg policy, Barry is very happy to dish out advice on vegetarian/vegan recipes and products, as well as giving support to those with similar dietary obligations via Twitter at www.twitter.com/adventuresinveg.

See also myadventuresinveg.blog spot.com


Models who release cookbooks usually provoke the same raised eyebrows as actors who release albums. But after the cookbook and TV series by Sophie Dahl, a new former supermodel offering has arrived in the shape of ‘Baking Made Easy’ with Lorraine Pascale.

Life after modelling saw Lorraine getting a Prue Leith cookery diploma, followed by stints in a number of London restaurants, which earned her a reputation as a specialist cakemaker and led her to set up Ella's Bakehouse in Covent Garden.

Lorraine released her first cookbook ‘Baking Made Easy’ with the accompanying BBC TV series last month, and it's hard to deny that she knows what she's talking about when it comes to all things bake-wise.


Celebrate A Taste of Offaly in the Tullamore Court hotel tomorrow, February 20, from noon to 6pm, with an entrance fee of just €3. There will be stalls from a range of local food producers, as well as arts and crafts and local artists, including Hey Pesto!, Annaharvey Farm, Ann Marie Griffin Knitwear, Mossfield Organic Cheeses and lots more.

Email chris@midlandsradio.fm or see bit.ly/tasteoffaly for more details.

RONAN BYRNE AND BRENDAN ALLEN invite you to take control of what's in your shopping basket by taking part in a five-week course at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. With years of farming experience in the west of Ireland, the two men have designed a course to highlight the importance of buying from and supporting local producers, and how to do so on an affordable budget.

The course will take place on Mondays, 7pm-9.30pm, beginning on March 21, focusing on Ireland's natural food resources and how to take the best advantage of those as a consumer. The final part of the course takes place at the Friendly Farmer's Athenry farm, where you will see production at ground level and enjoy an end-of-course barbecue. The entire course, including the barbecue and all kitchen prep supplies, costs €150.

See bit.ly/friendlyfarmer or email thefriendly farmer@gmail.com to book your place on the course.