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FOODIE TO FOLLOW: @irishfoodies: If you’re looking for new food blogs to drool over, the best place to start is the gastronomic hub, The Irish Food Bloggers Association on Twitter at www.twitter.com/irishfoodies.

The association, founded by bloggers Kristin Jensen of Dinner du Jour (www.dinnerdujour.org) and Caroline Hennessey of Bibliocook (www.biblio cook.com), acts as a place for food bloggers and foodies to meet in cyberspace to share ideas and information on events, both on Twitter and at www.irishfood bloggers.com. You can use the association as a springboard into reading your way through the delicious world of food blogging.


The Slow Food movement has been building up steam since it was founded in Italy in 1986 by Carlo Petrini, as a protest to the opening of one too many fast-food joints in Rome and beyond. The movement then spread through Europe through local community groups, or a convivium as they are known.There are more than 15 active local groups here. Members include producers working within the food industry, such as Darina Allen (pictured).

This month, on February 20, you can join the Cork City Convivium on a Grow Your Own Day hosted by Caroline Robertson's organic farm in Cork (see bit.ly/slowfoodcork). Elsewhere, check out www.slowfoodireland.com to find out more about whether Slow Food could be the movement for you.


Lilly Higgins on the RTE food and comedy TV programme ‘Fancy Vittles’, which she co-hosted with her comedian sister, Maeve. The Higgins sisters (below) are back working together again, this time at the monthly Loaves & Fishes Supper Club, which has taken place in a third Higgins sister's house in Dublin twice since last November. The next supper club is on February 19, and it could prove to be an excellent alternative to a Valentine's dinner.

All the staff on the evening are Lilly’s sisters and friends. They’ll serve five courses with an emphasis on locally produced and delicious home-cooked food, served on almost unbearably kitsch plates, all in return for a suggested donation from guests to cover the costs. For further details, see Lilly Higgins's fantastic blog, lilly higgins.blogspot. com or email landfteam@ yahoo.ie.


The second annual Great Irish Foodie Quiz takes place on Wednesday,

March 2 from 7.30pm in The Circle Club of the Grand Canal Theatre in

Dublin’s Docklands. Entry costs ¤80 for a team of four, with all proceeds

going to Down Syndrome Ireland (www.downsyndrome.ie).

See bit.ly/foodiequiz for all further details, including some of the great

prizes that will be up for grabs on the night.