Thursday 17 October 2019

Taste Test: What are the best vegan sausages on the market?

Vegan sausages
Vegan sausages
Linda McCartney sausages
Quorn Sausages
Katy McGuinness

Katy McGuinness

Linda McCartney's Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages (6), 300g, €1.50


Our testers found these rehydrated textured soya protein 'sausages' to be pleasantly herby but otherwise lacking in flavour. The texture is good. 143 calories per 100g.

VegiDeli Lincolnshire Style Sausages, 295g (8), €3.75


'Tastes like wet breadcrumbs,' said one of our testers, and indeed the consistency of these soya protein sausages was not popular. The flavour is nondescript and the reddish appearance unappetising. But still, our testers preferred them to two of the other brands of sausages. 275 calories per 100g.

Dee's Leek & Onion Vegan Sausages with Irish Dulse Seaweed, 210g (6), €4.35


Our testers found the taste of seaweed off-putting, and struggled with the flavour of these Irish sausages, which are made out of pea protein and beans. On the plus side, they do look like sausages. 120 calories per 100g.

Quorn Sausages, 336g (8), €2.39


Our testers disliked everything about these sausages from Quorn, from their pallid appearance to their flavour and texture. The main ingredient is mycoprotein, derived from a member of the fungi/mould family. 198 calories per 100g.

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