Monday 23 September 2019

Taste test: The best Vegetable Soup you can buy

Vegetable soup
Vegetable soup
Katy McGuinness

Katy McGuinness

The temperature's dropped and it's time for soup. We tested vegetable soup - all but one were 'classic' versions rather than anything more exotic.

Donnybrook Fair Traditional Vegetable Soup, 500g, €4.95, 9/10

Our testers liked the variety of vegetables in this soup (carrots, leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, onion and celery), the consistency (not too smooth) and the inclusion of cream. The only soup tested that tastes as if it could be home-made - with a short shelf-life. Lovely.

M&S Country Vegetable Soup, 600g, €3, 7/10

The best of the mass-produced soups that we tested came from Marks & Spencer. Our testers liked the chunks of recognisable vegetables and thought the flavour was good.

Cully & Sully Vegetable Soup, 400g, €2 (ON special offer in Dunnes Stores), 6/10

This soup claims to be full-bodied, but our testers thought it bland. Smooth and pleasant but unexciting.

Avonmore Select Vegetable with Flat Leaf Parsley Soup, 400g, €2.49, 6/10

Our testers struggled to discern the flat leaf parsley in this 'premium' vegetable soup from Avonmore. Carrot is the dominant flavour and the consistency is very smooth. Grand, but nothing to get excited about.

Fusion and Street Vegetable Soup with Puy Lentils, Cumin & Ginger, 400g, €2.69, 5/10

'A taste of Marrakech' it says on the container. This is a smooth vegetable soup with chunks of carrot, puy lentils and subtle flavours of cumin and ginger. Our testers found the soup overly sweet, and thought it would be more interesting with the addition of lemon and harissa as suggested.

Country Vegetable Soup (Spar Merrion Row, Dublin 2), no weight given, €4.50, 2/10

There's no information on the packaging regarding where this soup is made. There are big chunks of vegetable but the flavour is insipid.

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