Friday 24 May 2019

Taste Test: Fish Fingers

Taste Test: Fish fingers
Taste Test: Fish fingers
Katy McGuinness

Katy McGuinness

Birds Eye Fish Fingers (14), 350g, €5.30


As with all the other fish fingers tested, these are made with Alaskan pollock fillets; the fish content is 62pc and they contain 203 calories per 100g, oven-cooked. These have good flavour and hold their shape well, but the price is hefty.

Donegal Catch Gluten Free Fish Fingers (10), 300g, €4 (on offer, €3)


The fish content here is 65pc, and the calories 235 per 100g, oven-cooked. Our testers liked the breadcrumb coating, which is pale rather than orange, and the fact that the fish fingers did not disintegrate when cooked.

Dunnes Stores Omega 3 Fish Fingers (15), 450g, €1.49


Made with 65pc Alaskan pollock, these fish fingers are the least calorific of those tested, at 193 per 100g. The fish fingers lack flavour and are a tad soggy - they fell apart when cooked. But it's hard to argue with the price.

Young's Omega 3 Fish Fingers (10), 300g, €2.90


The fish content is 65pc, and these fish fingers contain 200 calories per 100g. The coating is quite orange and has a strong taste of white pepper that may not appeal to all; they are gluten free.

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