Myrtle restaurant review: ‘A cafe by day turning into a simple French bistro a few nights a week is exactly the kind of place every small town needs’

Expect superb service, a quirky interior and an eclectic menu at this charming new eatery in Co Louth

Myrtle in Ardee, Co Louth. Picture: Peter Carvill

Katy McGuinness

The name above the old school shop front is J (for James, known as Jim) Malone, who ran a grocer’s here back in the day. Later, May Muckian’s sweet shop was where locals over a certain age remember spending their pocket money on Flying Saucers and Black Jacks, Rose Cream Pies and candy cigarettes. More recently, it was home to a florist and then a cafe. And now Jon Maltas’ new bistro, Myrtle, is cause for celebration in the Wee County.