Michelin Awards – Terre restaurant review: ‘Was our €778 dinner bill worth it?’

This review was initially published on February 9th, 2023, and again after Terre was announced as a new Michelin star restaurant on March  27th, 2023.

Terre restaurant at Castlemartyr Resort in Co Cork. Picture: Barry Murphy

Katy McGuinness

I don’t know whether Vincent Crepel is a believer in manifesting, but the display of his personal collection of Michelin Guides in the dramatically lit preservation corridor of Terre restaurant is surely a statement of intent. You pass through en route from pre-dinner drinks in the (curiously frumpy, given what lies ahead) salon — ‘The start of your journey!’ the restaurant manager tells us excitedly — to the dimly lit open kitchen, where the air smells tantalisingly of smoke.