Lucinda O’Sullivan’s restaurant review: ‘The new Daata on Bray seafront is stunning in every sense’

Dining on the Pakistani and Indian fare at Daata’s latest branch, our critic was delighted to find that the food and service were even better than ever

"A brace of delicious jumbo prawns (€14) in a rock salt, fresh lime, mustard seed, and black pepper marinade had been grilled in the tandoor." Daata, Bray. Photo: Lucinda O'Sullivan

Lucinda O'Sullivan

Feeling an urge one bright, sunny Sunday morning back in 2018, I dragged himself out to Greystones where the then new Daata Pakastani & Indian restaurant was doing brunch. I guess he was lucky it was only to Greystones. On another sunny Sunday morning, I’d woken up and seen the BBC weather forecaster say that the seas around the turbulent Lizard in south-west England were calm. By 4pm he found himself in Rosslare en route to Cherbourg.