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VIDEO: Irish twin brothers open the UK’s first cereal café

Hundreds of international cereals are on the menu in a new London café opened by Belfast born brothers.

A set of Irish identical twin brothers opened the doors to the UK’s first café specialising in cereal earlier this month.

Cereal Killer Café, which was set up by Belfast entrepreneurs Alan and Gary Keery, offers a menu that boasts over 100 types of international cereals.

The brothers believe the cafe’s concept is solid, taking something everyone loves and spinning it to another level.

“We have always loved cereal and the light bulb moment came when we were out in Shoreditch one afternoon and wanted to go out for something to eat,” Gary told Independent.ie.

“We said 'wouldn’t it be good if there was somewhere we could just sit down and have a bowl of cereal?’ And so the idea was born.”


Belfast entrepreneurs Alan and Gary Keery

Belfast entrepreneurs Alan and Gary Keery

Belfast entrepreneurs Alan and Gary Keery

The café offers cereals sourced from all over the world including America, France, Australia, South Africa and even South Korea.

Also on the cards is an array of flavoured milks as well as 13 different varieties of Poptarts.

“Right now my favourite is a vanilla chew with strawberry milk but the weirdest cereal I’ve seen is one which has popping berry flavoured candy in it,” said Gary.

The new opening has prompted the brothers to consider a move to this side of the Irish Sea, to Dublin or their native Belfast.

“We have had so much interest in the café already from Ireland and would love to open one in Dublin in the future," Gary said.

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