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Wednesday 13 December 2017

VIDEO: Controversial Irish Cereal Brothers discover what happens when you eat 26 year old cereal

Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Many of us are guilty of chancing a fridge item which has passed its sell-by date, but Irish brothers Alan and Gary Keery have decided to put their iron stomachs to the test and chow down on some 20 year old cereal.

The Irish brothers behind London’s controversial Cereal Killer Cafe launched their Youtube Channel this week, where they posted the grim experiment.

“We’re going to be trying an Incredibles Cereal from 2005, a Bret Hart Cereal from 2001, and a Barbie Cereal from 1989,” one of the twins says.

“Does cereal go off? It’s time to open a box and see.”

Things get off to a good start as the brothers tuck into the most recent cereal of the bunch, made in 2005, which they are happily able to stomach after checking for bug eggs.

However, everything takes a turn for the worst when the brothers spoon Bret Hart’s Cereal into their gobs which makes them instantly retch.

“That has to be the worst thing that I have ever put into my mouth. I think we should pay attention to sell by dates.

“It tastes like if you kissed a dog after it’s had peanut butter.”

The brave entrepreneurs finally move onto their vintage 1989 Barbie cereal which made them so ill, one brother got sick upon the other's head.

“I’m getting really bad stomach cramps,” one of the Keerys reveals as the experiment comes to a close.

“I think everything we’ve just eaten has given me instant diarrhoea because it’s really bubbling down there.”

The brothers are no strangers to the headlines after opening the doors to their controversial Cereal Killer Cafe in London last year.

The Shoreditch based cafe has been targeted by protesters since it’s opening after a Channel 4 journalist criticised the price of their product on air which they defended.

For more information visit The Cereal Killers Cafe on Youtube

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