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Twitter reacts to Jacob's removing 'The Jelly Star’ from biscuit tins across the nation


The Christmas biscuit tin will never be the same without the sugary and squishy family-favourite.

Twas the nightmare before Christmas.

News began to trickle through the Internet earlier today that Jacob's had made the decision to remove popular favourite “the jelly star”.

The Twitter account for the brand confirmed to those in despair that the much loved treat was no longer being included in the perennial Afternoon Tea biscuit bonanza by issuing a generic explainer:

“Hi X so sorry to hear you're disappointed, we have been evolving the range for 80 years and this is our latest change,” they responded to anybody who questioned their motives.

A statement released by the food company confirmed, “This year we have withdrawn the chocolate jelly ring in favour of a chocolate wheel. While we realise that some people will be disappointed not to be able to get the chocolate jelly ring we are confident that they will continue to enjoy the entire range of quality biscuits in the Jacob’s Afternoon Tea tin including the new chocolate wheel.”

Understandably, there has been outrage on social media. With a myriad of issues pervading Irish society, this was the last thing our people needed.


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