Wednesday 25 April 2018

There's a new gin on the market that claims to reverse the signs of ageing as you drink

Anti-a-gin gin
Anti-a-gin gin

Sasha Brady

There's a new gin on the market that claims to reverse the signs of ageing.

The gin, called Anti-aGin (see that they did there) promotes itself as the "alcoholic equivalent of a facial".

The perfect gin & tonic
The perfect gin & tonic

It promises to keep the skin looking refreshed, even after a night of heavy drinking.

The 40 per cent proof gin is distilled with pure collagen and was created by anti-ageing expert Nicky Hambleton-Jones, who you might remember from the Channel 4 show, 10 Years Younger.

Anti-a-gin gin
Anti-a-gin gin

The concoction also contains wrinkle-defying, premium botanicals like chamomile, tea tree, gotu kola, witch hazel and nettle.

"By including a host of age-defying botanicals and combining them with drinkable collagen, this is the alcoholic equivalent of a facial," Hambleton-Jones says.

But is there any science behind it?

According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology earlier this year, people who take daily collagen supplements do have more hydrated and smoother looking skin.

Whether or not these benefits can be transmitted in gin form has yet to be researched but countless studies have shown that alcohol can accelerate the ageing of your skin.

But if you're in the mood of trying out a new gin, you can sample the 'elixir of youth' for approximately £35 (€45) a bottle from

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