Thursday 24 May 2018

'There are not enough words to describe this evil' - Spray can tea is now a thing and people are outraged

Spray Can Tea is here, thanks to 'No More Tea Bags'
Spray Can Tea is here, thanks to 'No More Tea Bags'

Sasha Brady

Is the world ready for tea in a can?

Tea is a national obsession in this country and we know that most of life's problems can be usually be solved after someone utters these soothing words: "Hold on there and I'll just put the kettle on."

Having a cup of tea is not so much the desire for a hot, golden (or milky) beverage as it is to take part in a social ritual.

But a company called No More Tea Bags is determined to turn that ceremony on its head by creating instant tea - as in, tea that you can actually spray into a cup from an aerosol can.

Their aim, apparently, is to make the whole process quicker.

Consumers can "easily control the strength of your tea" and make "hotter, tastier tea in an instant", the company promises on its website but do we really need to speed things up where tea is concerned? (Just in case you're interested, it takes five minutes normally, compared to 13 seconds with the spray-tea.)

But sometimes you need those few minutes to get yourself sorted; stick the bread in the toaster, dig out the packet of Rich Tea biscuits and purple Snack bars... maybe go to the toilet, get changed into your pyjamas after a tough day in work.

With this instant tea you have to be ready to go once you've decided that you're in the mood for a cup of tea.

If you want to try it out for yourself it's currently available in the UK and online through the company's website. A 200ml can of the English Breakfast flavour will set you back £4.50 (€5.35).

You can also choose Earl Grey or Jasmine tea.

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