Sunday 22 April 2018

The loves of my life: Stephen Gibson, chef, Pichet

Stephen Gibson of Pichet
Stephen Gibson of Pichet

The chef from the renowned restaurant on how special his baby daughter is to him and how Marco Pierre White's book inspired him.

The person

My daughter, Leah; she's eight months old and the best thing to ever happen in my life

The memory

A world cruise on the QE2 - working, of course - but getting to go to places like Saint Helena in the south Atlantic was amazing. Places that you would never get to see

The moment of the day

Eight in the morning, having a coffee, watching everyone hurrying to work

The song

OX4 by Ride. It's probably the biggest tune from my youth; I never get sick of it

The movie

Fargo. I love dark comedies

The book

White Heat by Marco Pierre White. I got that book when I was 16. I'd never seen food like that before, and the photos of all the chefs working together - you could feel the energy, the pressure. It totally inspired me

The outfit

I'm 6ft 5in, so I can't just shop anywhere. I love All Saints clothes, and yes, they fit me

The accessory

Probably my backpack. I take it with me every day. I have my gym gear in it, just in case; headphones, for the boring walks to meetings; rain gear, for cycling; and my work diary, because without it, I'm even more disorganised than usual

The gadget

My bike's Garmin GPS. I love seeing how many kilometres I do a week and the average speed, etc

The pet hate

Chefs that smoke

The friend

It's very hard to pick one. I've got so many good friends that I've worked with over the years. You know who you are

The holiday

I love NYC. It's so inspiring - way too many cool restaurants there

The beauty product

I'm a chef, sorry

My piece of advice

Work hard, be nice

The drink

Kale, apple, celery, cucumber. That's how I start my day, and I feel good

The hotel

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Not too many hotels where you get Queens Of The Stone Age playing at the pool party

The bar

Whelans. I've been to way too many good gigs there. I never get bored of the place

The hobby

Work, family, gym and gigs - that's my life. I've no time left for anything else

The part of body

My legs. I hate doing legs at the gym. Two days of pain afterwards, along with 15-hour shifts on my feet at work. Not fun

The celebrity

Chris O'Dowd. The IT Crowd is so funny

The virtue

A cool, calm head. I don't believe that shouting and anger in the kitchen makes people better chefs and gives you good service. In fact, you get the opposite

The vice

Late-night eating. When you're around food all day, you don't feel like eating. Then, you go home, at 12, maybe, and suddenly, you're hungry

The smell

My gran's soda bread. She made it every single day. Her secret was the milk she got straight from the farmer, and she used to let it go sour before using it

The taste

My first coffee in the morning

Pichet will be at Taste of Dublin.

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