Friday 22 November 2019

The cheek! Cadbury drops two chocolate Fingers from packs

Packs of Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers have been reduced by 11g Newsdesk Newsdesk

Fans of a Cadbury’s Finger or ten will be disappointed to hear that the pack of biscuits might now be a little bit lighter as rumours run rife that the company has skimmed 11g off the product.

It has been reported that a box of Cadbury’s Fingers will now contain two less biscuits and be sold at a new weight of 114g.

The rising cost of cocoa and production is reported to be the reason behind the skinnier packet.

This is not the first time Cadbury has been seen to skip on costs as they recently changed the recipe of their Creme Egg offering prior to the busiest chocolate-egg based holiday of the year, Easter Sunday.

The company also reduced the size of their multipacks by a whole Creme Egg this year.

A source told The Daily Mail that the smaller packet will be reflected with a lower price but admitted it was ultimately a retailer’s decision to alter the cost of a product.

Meanwhile a recent survey found that 10pc of chocolate bars in Ireland and the UK have reduced in size throughout the past year.

Mars and Snickers removed their giant bars from the market in an effort to keep their sweet offerings to a maximum 250 calories.

A spokesperson for manufacturer Burton’s Biscuit Company told that they "firmly believe that the variety of pack sizes for different occasions offer consumers the best value for money for a great quality product".

"Whilst we can’t comment on retailer pricing, our data shows that the price has significantly fallen since the introduction of the new sizes. In addition MySupermarket reports that the current pricing for our standard Cadbury Fingers is 22pc below the average of the last 10 months and has been at this low level for the last three months."

“Responding to consumer demand, in June 2014, we reduced our Cadbury Fingers standard packs from 125 grams to 114 grams and introduced a new larger sharing pack of Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fingers at 171g (£2.59 MRSP). We passed on reductions in cost in line with these changes and reduced the MRSP for retailers from 125 grams (£1.99 MRSP) to 114 grams (£1.79 MRSP), making the smaller pack better value per gram.”

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