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Quality Street vs Cadbury Roses: We investigate which tin trumps this Christmas

Cadbury's Roses vs Quality Street
Cadbury's Roses vs Quality Street

Patricia Murphy and Garry Toal

It’s the debate that splits the nation and to settle the score, we’ve launched a festive investigation to see which tin trumps the other ahead of your big Christmas shop – Quality Street or Cadbury Roses.

Both tins are similar in that they each contain about 750g of chocolate and will set you back about €6 in Irish supermarkets but their likeliness ends there, each catering for a much different type of chocolate lover.

A box of Quality Street contains 78 sweets this Christmas - Here they are broken down in our graphic
A box of Quality Street contains 78 sweets this Christmas - Here they are broken down in our graphic

Those looking to stretch the tin a little bit farther might be more inclined to pick up a box of Quality Street which contains 78 sweets compared to Cadbury’s 70, even though the tins contain about the same amount of chocolate overall.

The health-conscious souls who lose the run of themselves at Christmas time will be disheartened by the fact that there is a minuscule difference between the tins in terms of calories as 100g of Quality Street sweets contain 475kcal, compared to Roses’ 486kcal per 100g.

A box of Roses contain 70 sweets this Christmas - Here they are broken down in our graphic
A box of Roses contain 70 sweets this Christmas - Here they are broken down in our graphic

Quality Street’s most coveted sweet, The Purple One (a chocolate with a hazelnut and caramel centre) is a rarity and in a tin of 78 only managed to find five. A similar offering in the tin of Roses ‘Hazel in Caramel’ is seven to a tin which also contains another sweet, the ‘Hazel Whirl’ to cater for those who are inclined to a nut or two.

Fudges make up almost 13pc (10 sweets) of the Quality Street tin and are the most common chocolate found in the box. In a tin of Roses, the most common sweets are Strawberry Dream and Golden Barrel, with nine of each in’s sample tins.

In terms of controversial flavours, Quality Street’s questionable ‘Coconut Éclair’ takes up 10pc, populating the tin with eight tropical sweets. While Cadbury doesn’t cater to coconut lovers, it does have a ‘Coffee Dream’ sweet which Quality Street does not.

If variety is key, Quality Street comes out on top, offering twelve different types of sweets compared to Cadbury Roses’ eleven. New to the Quality Street tin this year is Honey Crunch, which testers said “definitely did not live up to expectations” and was said to be “not honeycomb-y enough”.


Which do you prefer, Quality Street or Roses?

Testers' Taste Comments

Cadbury’s Golden Barrel vs Quality Street’s Caramel Swirl


  •  “For me, the Roses’ Caramel is the real winner of the two and I find myself having a strange personal bias towards Cadbury.”
  • "The Roses caramel is far nicer and not as sweet as the Quality Street's one. It's way bigger too."

Winner: Cadbury Roses

Cadbury’s ‘Hazel in Caramel’ vs Quality Street’s The Purple One


  • "The Quality Street Purple One is the clear winner for me.  Some prefer the Roses option maintaining it’s a better chocolate but think they are biased by the wrapper. In general, the Quality Street box has less 'dud' sweets."
  • “I way prefer the Quality Street’s Purple One to the Cadbury version. The chocolate is almost sickly on the Cadbury ones, compared to Quality Street. I think it just works better.”
  • “I preferred the Roses Purple One to the Quality Street one as the chocolate tasted much sweeter. There's a slightly unusual taste from the Quality Street chocolate, whereas Roses is quite rich. Otherwise, the caramel and hazelnut were both on par.”

Winner: Quality Street

Cadbury’s Tangy Orange Creme vs Quality Street’s Orange Creme


  • “Cadbury Orange all the way... It had more thick chocolate! The chocolate on the Quality Street’s option was thin and dark.”
  • “I preferred the Quality Street Orange because I think dark chocolate and orange is a better match. Also, the filling in the Roses sweet is too sickly, it almost tastes like Calpol.”
  • "Much preferred the Roses. There's an acidic taste off the Quality Street orange sweet, which I didn't enjoy"

Winner:  Cadbury Roses

Cadbury's Strawberry Dream vs Quality Street Strawberry Delight


  •  “The Roses strawberry is nicer because you get two fillings and the design is far more superior - the rose feature on top is a nice touch.”
  • “I preferred the Quality Street strawberry because the filling was superior.”
  • “The Roses version is significantly better. Milk chocolate works better when compared with its dark chocolate rival. The filling is also much better.”

Winner: Cadbury Roses

Cadbury's County Fudge vs Quality Street Fudge


  • “Quality Street wins out here with a bigger sweet and better flavour. Roses have messed with the classic inserting some sort of crispy madness.
  • "Quality Street fudge is infinitely better. It seems like it's less of a 'filler' chocolate than the Roses version."

Winner: Quality Street

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