Sunday 15 September 2019

One-in-three vegetarians admit to eating meat when drunk

One-in-three vegetarians admit to eating meat on a night out
One-in-three vegetarians admit to eating meat on a night out

Sasha Brady

One-in-three vegetarians consume meat when under the influence of alcohol.

It appears that these slip-ups aren't limited to a once-off, moment of madness either, a UK poll has confirmed.

The survey also asked the participants to disclose how often they consumed meat.

Of the 1,789 people interviewed, thirty-four per cent admitted to eating meat "every time" they were drunk on a night out, 26 per cent said it happened “fairly often,” and 22 per cent said “rarely.”

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The same group of vegetarians were then asked to reveal what their late-night snack of choice was after a night out. And the answer? The traditional, post-pub guilty pleasure: kebab meat.

Unsurprisingly burgers, bacon, fried chicken and pork sausages also made the cut.

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Some did seem to feel a sense of shame for their 'sins.' When the group was asked whether they had told anyone about their drunken guilty pleasures, 69 per cent of the participants revealed they hadn't.

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