Friday 23 March 2018

Nick Munier on Head Chef's walkout from new restaurant: ‘He couldn’t sort it out and that’s the problem’

Nick Munier and Chef Tom Walsh in Avenue
Nick Munier and Chef Tom Walsh in Avenue
Restaurateur Nick Munier
Instagram @Avenue
Avenue Restaurant
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Restaurateur Nick Munier has spoken out after it emerged that the Head Chef of his new Dublin restaurant walked out less than six weeks after its launch.

The Masterchef presenter revealed that Head Chef Tom Walsh walked out of the Crow Street venue after Munier attempted to address the problems in the kitchen.

“He didn’t resign. He actually just walked out. So there’s a huge difference there for me,” said Munier speaking to Today FM’s Anton Savage.

“When you’re paying someone a top dollar to do a job and they can’t perform it, as an owner you sit them down and say ‘This isn’t performing. You’re the kitchen manager. Therefore you need to sort it out.’

“And he couldn’t sort it out. And that’s the problem,” Munier said.

Speaking after the restaurateur’s interview, Chef Tom Walsh told “If Mr. Munier believes what he said this morning then I’m delighted for him. I walked out but it was a lot less dramatic.

“I arrived to a kitchen where none of the chefs wanted to work anymore. So we decided to leave,” said Walsh.

The Chef revealed he is looking forward to putting the drama behind him after departing Avenue.

“It’s been an experience. I’m just going to move on from it now,” he said.

Munier, who recently ended his association with his first Dublin restaurant Pichet, said that running a successful venue is a team effort.

Avenue Restaurant
Avenue Restaurant
Instagram @Avenue
Nick Munier

“It’s a team effort.

“I’m loving this. This is the best week we’ve ever had.

“The crew around me are fighting fit. We’ve got a new bunch of new dedicated chefs.

“The front of house hasn’t changed. They’re all young people who want to strive and love the premises. It’s amazing, I love it

“This week obviously because of my few issues I’ve been back in the kitchen and it’s been amazing,” Munier said.

Meanwhile, Munier said he is trying to get the balance right in the Temple Bar restaurant which he strives will always be “a great night out”.

“You’re only as good as the last meal that you serve and the consistency has to be there. It’s a hard balance to find.

“You get a mixed bag of people coming into Avenue. There are huge expectations due to my background and my fine dining experience. When it’s yours 100pc it’s an extension of your personality and it’s my home,” he said.

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