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New fizzy cola flavoured Tayto crisps – would you try them?


Mr Tayto

Mr Tayto

Mr Tayto

A new fizzy cola flavour of Tayto crisps has been released this week and is causing mixed reactions on social media.

The Irish crisp company has added a new limited-edition flavour to their range, mixing the taste of sweet fizzy cola bottles into their crisp collection.

This is not the first time that the Tayto brand has tried something a little more unique with their crisps after releasing their Tayto chocolate bar in 2013.

The mix of milk chocolate and cheese and onion crisps were a hit when they launched, selling out shortly after they were first released.

The new fizzy cola flavoured crisps are not receiving the same reaction as many took to Twitter to express their feelings about this original mix of flavours.

One user posted a picture of the crisps writing: “the worst thing to happen potatoes in Ireland since the Famine.”

The tweet has received over 5,000 likes and over 700 retweets, with many users taking to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Wow. Can’t believe that it made it past the focus group to be honest,” one user tweeted in response to the picture.

A second person commented: “Just don’t think I could try it. I am open to trying new things, but I couldn’t get my head around this one.”

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With a third user tweeting, “Limited edition? I expect these will be very limited indeed.

“It’s worse than Tayto flavoured chocolate,” another person replied.

Not everyone was opposed to this new flavour combo with some users saying that they would be intrigued to give them a try.

“I’d give them a try. I sometimes eat ice cream using crisps as a spoon,” one user tweeted.

Another person inquired, “Where do you get them from?”

Many had an open mind about the crisps, with another tweeting: “I’m not prepared to condemn them without trying, but I don’t see how it could work.

People are taking to TikTok to try the new flavour on camera, with the videos showing some mixed reactions from loving them to hating them.

The original twitter user who started the fizzy cola crisp conversation bought his packet of the newly launched crisps in Cost Cutter in Bandon, but according to videos on TikTok the crisps are being sold in several shops throughout Ireland.

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