Friday 18 January 2019

Neven Maguire's Modena - 'a cross between Galway and Sligo'


On the trail of Italian food: Neven Maguire
On the trail of Italian food: Neven Maguire

Sarah Caden

When I was filming my latest TV series in Italy, Modena was the place that impressed me most. For a foodie, it's heaven.

Modena is what I'd call a cross between Galway and Sligo, as it's sort of halfway between a city and a large town. It's also the home of balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano-Reggiano, so the first thing I'd do is go somewhere for a glass of wine and a serving of Parmesan that you dip into a little bowl of balsamic. Gorgeous, and I'd never seen that anywhere before.

The food market is the centre of Modena for me. You could spend hours there, and Modena is a lovely place to walk around, with a sort of mini leaning tower of its own.

Osteria Francescana in Modena was voted the best restaurant in the world in 2016. I was ringing for months before I was going to be in Modena, trying to get a table. When they eventually rang back and said they had one, I nearly wet myself with excitement. I brought my producer, David Hare, and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting the city.

There is a Michelin- star restaurant called L'Erba del Re, and the chef there did the most amazing risotto for me. No onion, no garlic, no wine; instead, it was drizzled with Parmesan-infused milk at the very end. I came home and started doing my risotto that way.

Down the road, the same chef, Luca Marchini, has Trattoria Pomposa. I had the best bolognese ragu of my life there, with pappardelle, the way the Italians do it. I'll fly back there with the family for that ragu alone.

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