Sunday 15 December 2019

‘Mikados are dusted with joy’: Americans tuck into Irish favourites

Watch as American pairs approach Taytos, Turkish and black pudding with trepidation and offer up their opinions.

Patricia Murphy

Although Ireland is host to some of the most amazing ingredients and producers, it seems our favourite foods both baffle and perplex those across the water.

In a video, created by Buzzfeed, American pairs are asked to give their two cents after gobbing Ireland’s beloved treats including Turkish Delight, smokey bacon Tayto and Dip Dabs.

“Here’s some sugar, here’s some marshmallow. Shove it in your face. Quit talking to me kid,” said one bearded American after scoffing a Mikado biscuit, marketing in the States as Jam Mallows.

After clasping eyes upon black pudding, one man said: “They look like cookies, but smell like meat.”

Upon discovering black pudding’s key ingredient, one partaker exclaimed: “Blood? Get the f**k out.”

“Blood is pretty f***ing good,” said another.

While America might not be so receptive to our array of favourites, it’s doubtful that it will make a difference to Irish consumption.

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