Monday 21 May 2018

Marks and Spencer luxury biscuit 'is custard cream in disguise'

Marks & Spencer's luxury biscuits are Custard Creams in disguise
Marks & Spencer's luxury biscuits are Custard Creams in disguise

Victoria Ward

Customer accuses popular chain of being 'cheapskates' after dunking chocolate coated treat and discovering what appeared to be a humble custard cream

For one sweet-toothed fan at least, it seems that Marks and Spencer is taking the biscuit.

When Peter Marshall sat down to enjoy some of the treats in his M&S "extra chocolatey" family assortment he, not unreasonably, expected to find a luxury offering a cut above the regular, day-to-day biscuit.

But on dunking one of the thickly coated biscuits, he discovered that underneath the chocolate was what appeare to be a bog-standard custard cream.

Marks and sparks are a bunch of cheapskates

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The 25-year-old was outraged. He took to social media to present the photographic evidence and accused the chain of cutting corners and cheating loyal customers.

The soggy evidence was presented with the caption: "Marks and sparks are a bunch of cheapskates."

Mr Marshall, from the Isle of Mann, told "I was dunking biscuits into hot milk and as the chocolate came away I noticed that the base of one of the biscuits was actually a Custard Cream.

"I’ve always held M&S in quite high regard when it comes to food, and finding out that they were using a more common biscuit as a base was a bit of a shock."

He admitted that he thought his revelation would generate a media storm.

But in the event, it received a rather muted reaction, with some consumers even suggesting that the discovery of one half of a humble custard cream should only add to the product's value.

M&S insisted that there was no scandal and that the biscuit was not quite as it seemed.

"The biscuits used in the selection box are made with a luxury biscuit ingredient mix and are made using the custard cream mould before being covered in chocolate," a spokeswoman said.

"They may be in a custard cream mould, but they are not custard cream biscuits."

Mr Marshall said he could not be sure that any of the biscuits in the box were what they claimed to be and voiced suspicions that the white chocolate offering may be concealing a custard cream secret as well.

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