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Love it or hate it: Marmite and Pot Noodle Easter eggs will not hit the shelves in Ireland


Marmite flavoured eggs will hit supermarket shelves in the UK next month but Irish lovers of the controversial spread are in for a disappointment.

The dark chocolate eggs flavoured with the yeast extract spread will be available in UK stores from February two months ahead of Easter Sunday but will not be available to Irish customers according to a spokesperson from producing company Unilever.

Accompanying the Marmite treat on the shelves will be a Pot Noodle offering which will come with a green branded mug. The chocolate will not be flavoured with the seasoning from the much loved treat.

Kinnerton’s Rachel Wyatt said: "Easter isn’t just for kids. We want to bring fun to Easter fixtures by using these two iconic brands.

"The Marmite Easter egg, which shoppers will either love or hate, combines Marmite with chocolate."

In the UK the Easter Egg industry is worth over £220m annually.

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