Tuesday 24 October 2017

Lorraine: I’m so Keane to cook up my own celeb show

Lorraine Keane has got her teeth into her first cookery programme as she hopes to return to the TV menu.

Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Lorraine Keane has got her teeth into her first cookery programme as she hopes to return to the TV menu.

The former Xpose anchor has been double-jobbing on her latest project as she has created and presented a new pilot show.

She’s keeping her fingers crossed that it gets the green light but says early indications have been positive.

Already Sinead O’Connor and Liberties crooner Imelda May have said they’ll take part in the cookery show, once it’s given the thumbs up.

“I’m pitching it for RTE and TV3, they both have an interest and Sky also said they’ll take a look at it so it’s great,” Lorraine said.


“I have lots of ideas for shows but this is the first time I’ve produced and presented one so I’m all-singing all-dancing with this one. It’s like a celebrity/cookery challenge between Irish musicians and one professional chef.

“The celebrities’ friends and families are then invited to taste both meals and have to decide who cooked the better meal so we have great fun doing it.”

For the first show, which she filmed in March, she enlisted the services of TV chef Andrew Rudd and Irish musician Mundy.

“He was really into it which was great as you just don’t know if someone’s a keen cook beforehand. Obviously with his line of work, he has periods of time where he’s at home for a bit and had time to cook so it was very competitive,which was great fun,” she continued.

“We invited his wife along with loads of their pals to taste the finished product so viewers get a sneak peek into the celebrities’ personal lives too.”

At the end of the show, the musicians will have to perform for their guests.

Lorraine, who’s married to musician Peter Devlin, said she’s at the editing stage now and will shortly submit the finished product to several TV stations for approval.

In the meantime, she’ll be heading off with her hubbie and their two children Emelia (10) and Romy (7) on their annual holiday to Provence.

Lorraine Keane

They’ll be spending three weeks soaking up the French sunshine before coming back to spend the rest of the summer in Ireland.

One of our best-known TV stars, she was a former presenter on TV3 show Xpose before quitting the station in April 2009.

And she reveals how it’s thanks to the skills she acquired with her former station that has prompted her to turn her hand to producing.

“We moan about having to do it at the time but then you realise you have this extra skill set and you’ve learnt things like editing and producing, so it’s actually great for me,” she added.

As well as being a full-time mum to her two children, she has also appeared as a contributor on a number of RTE shows and reported on this year’s Oscars.


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