Friday 6 December 2019

Killer Sandwich is lapped up by hungry tweeters

Patricia Murphy

Weekend dreamers on the search for a scrumptious fix need look no further than Killer Sandwich.

The lunchtime cult is dishing out deadly offerings to Dublin’s hungry tweeters who order their sandwiches through Twitter on Wednesdays and follow their progress until Friday’s pick up in Temple Bar’s Tamp and Stitch.

The seasonal sandwich changes each week according to what inspires brand creatives Siobhan O’Donovan and Conor Stevens, founders of ‘Mr & Mrs Stevens’, who felt there was a gap in Dublin’s lunch scene.

“In Ireland, we just settle for bad sandwiches. I’m thinking back to when I used to work in an office and I suppose part of it is a bit of laziness, that we just pop out and grab whatever we can find.

“I guess what we’re trying to do with Killer Sandwich is rehabilitate the sandwich in Ireland.

“We don’t have the same culture of sandwiches here like we do in the States where it is something of an event and we hope that is what Killer Sandwich has turned out to be,” said Siobhan.


This week’s Italian inspired Killer, the Bodoni Roman, impressed the waiting queue with an interior of thinly sliced porchetta roasted with fennel, rosemary and garlic, slatherings of tapenade, and crunchy sprouting purple broccoli. A handful of Arun Bakery sourdough completed the treat.

“With every sandwich we’re trying to do something different that people haven’t thought of before,” said Conor.

The couple reckon that the Killer Sandwich project has been the inspiration for similar pop-ups throughout the city in recent months.

 “There has been a couple of new businesses starting up lately, we won’t name any names, but they’re somewhat inspired by Killer Sandwich.


“ I think what we’ve done has demonstrated something to the food community here,” said Conor.

Despite this, the delicious roll out of the Killer Sandwich is set to continue and getting your mitts on one couldn’t be easier says Siobhan.

“Follow @akillersandwich on Twitter and we’ll follow you back. On a Wednesday at around 11.30am we tweet the week’s menu.


“If you like it, just DM us your order so we can confirm it and then your sandwich can be picked up on Friday.”

Picky eaters be warned, the food loving couple do not accept any special requests.

 “We make sandwiches that we want to make, that we want to eat and they’re great. If you want something else you can go elsewhere,” Conor finishes.


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