'It's the Champagne of teas' - Highly sought-after tea hits the Irish café scene

We're a nation of tea drinkers, but are we connoisseurs who'd appreciate a Prized 'first flush' Darjeeling more than an Irish breakfast blend? Leslie Ann Horgan samples a pot to find out

'Champagne of teas'. Photo: Gerry Mooney

From slow roasts to flat whites, Ireland's coffee culture has developed rapidly in the past decade, but we are still primarily a nation of tea drinkers. In fact, according to statistics compiled by Euromonitor and the World Bank in 2016, we have the second-biggest tea consumption in the world. Sipping an average of 4.83lbs of tea per person each year, we come only behind Turkey, which gets through an immense 6.96lbs per person. So, yes, we love our tea, but can we call ourselves true connoisseurs?