Wednesday 25 April 2018

Irish author Trish Deseine wins fourth international cookbook accolade

'The Paris Gourmet' has taken home the prestigious prize at The Gourmand Awards in Beijing...

Trish Deseine
Trish Deseine
The Paris Gourmet cover
Rozanne Stevens scoops second prize in the BBQ section with her book 'Relish BBQ'
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Irish cookbook author Trish Deseine’s latest book ‘The Paris Gourmet’ has been recognised for the second time at the prestigious Gourmand Awards, this year held in Beijing.

Trish’s guide to Paris scooped the top prize in the culinary travel category at the international cook book ceremony, the fourth Gourmand accolade of her career.

Belfast reared Trish said that the recognition for her latest book is much appreciated.

“The Paris Gourmet is a big departure from my other books and although awards don’t mean much in terms of book sales, for me and for personal satisfaction winning is priceless,” she said.

“I’ve lived in Paris for 25 years now, I came here just after university, and the book is my personal vision of restaurants in the city, recipes and the experiences I have soaked up from Parisians throughout my years here.”

“I wanted people who live in Paris to identify with it but also be a guide to those visiting or even just dreaming of a trip to Paris.”

Trish Deseine

Although Trish lives near Versailles with her four children, she is preparing to spend the summer on home turf, touring the country in research for a new book on Irish food.

“This summer I will be spending July and August in Ireland happily researching a new book, a project I am so thrilled to be a part of. I am looking forward to embarking on a grand tour of the country and visiting some of the inspiring new restaurants opening this summer including Enda McAvoy’s Loam in Galway, which I know will be phenomenal” she said.

The cookbook queen is preparing to turn 50 this year but said that the significant birthday does little to phase her.

The Paris Gourmet cover

“Some might dread it but I am actually looking forward to turning 50. I don’t think getting older is scary.

"In fact, I think you get away with so much more the older you get,” she joked.

‘The Paris Gourmet’ is not the only Irish book to be recognised at The Gourmand Awards. Irish Independent columnist and chef Rozanne Stevens took home second place in the BBQ section for her popular book ‘Relish BBQ.’

Rozanne Stevens

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