Saturday 19 October 2019

Ireland’s favourite sandwich is not what you think it is

It's time to make sandwiches great again (KucherAV/Getty)
It's time to make sandwiches great again (KucherAV/Getty) Newsdesk Newsdesk

Ireland’s favourite sandwich is the classic ham and cheese, according to a new survey.

Never mind the roast chicken and herb stuffing sandwich, or the cajun chicken sandwich.

We'll be happy with the ham and cheese, please. It even nudges the BLT into second place.

Nearly one in five people, out of 1,000 surveyed, said they preferred the classic combination – especially when it’s toasted.

Some 48 per cent of people think bread is essential lunchtime fodder, according to the survey results.

The top five most popular sandwich fillings are:

1.    Ham and cheese (18pc)

2.    BLT (12pc)

3.    Tuna and sweetcorn (12pc)

4.    Toasted special (ham, cheese and onion) (10pc)

5.    Egg mayonnaise (6pc)

Gerald Cunningham, President of the Flour Confectioners and Bakers Association (FCBA), said: “Bread is a staple in many households and the sandwich remains one of the most popular ways to enjoy it."

"Ham and cheese is a classic combination so we’re not surprised it’s the nation’s favourite sandwich."

"This National Bread Week you can get involved in the celebrations by visiting one of the many bakeries or stores all over Ireland and Northern Ireland that are holding special events and tastings.”

National Bread Week is currently underway, and information about events can be found on

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