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Gross! Gordon Ramsay explains why you should never order this popular restaurant dish


British chef Gordon Ramsay

British chef Gordon Ramsay

British chef Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay has said his extensive experience in some of the world's grimiest kitchens has taught him to always avoid a restaurant's 'soup of the day'.

The British chef spent years tackling some of the world's dirtiest restaurants on his programme Kitchen Nightmares and explained why the popular dish is one he never orders.

Speaking to Town & Country magazine, the chef explained that the daily soup is often made with the remnants of yesterday's soup and not made from scratch each day as many diners would expect.

The chef suggested that new ingredients can often be thrown on top of leftover soup, and the process can continue for days before a restaurant makes a new soup from scratch.


The soup of the day should be avoided, according to Ramsay

The soup of the day should be avoided, according to Ramsay

The soup of the day should be avoided, according to Ramsay

"Ask what yesterday’s soup du jour was before today’s special. It may be the case that it’s the soup du month," he said.

The chef also revealed that lovers who hit the town on Valentine's Day will be paying for sub-standard food and service.

"Valentine’s day is the worst day of the year to go out. Busy kitchens with tons of diners means you don’t get the true feeling of the restaurant. You should be cooking on Valentine’s. What’s more romantic than a meal cooked for your partner with good bottle of wine," he said.

Meanwhile, Ramsay recently celebrated signing a three-programme deal with British network ITV, including a starring role as a host on the broadcaster's new late-night entertainment series The Nightly Show.

The TV chef will also star in a new daytime cookery competition show, Culinary Genius, and front a "hard-hitting" prime-time documentary series.

Ramsay, 50, said: "We're reaching audiences on every level with this one, and I'm really excited to work on three completely different formats with ITV."

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Culinary Genius combines food with game-show elements as nine amateur cooks compete for a cash prize across a range of challenges.

The daily programme - which will have a four-week run later in 2017 - will involve Ramsay as the guest chef in the first week of the series.

His production company, Studio Ramsay, will produce both Culinary Genius and the documentary series.

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