Monday 9 December 2019

Extrovert, easy-going or flirtatious: What does your choice of pizza say about your personality?

A new survey suggests that personality types can be sussed by the types of pizza favoured.

Tomato and Basil Pizza
Tomato and Basil Pizza

Patricia Murphy

A person’s choice of pizza topping could directly relate to their personality type, a new survey has revealed.

Pepperoni lovers are more likely to be extroverts, while those who top their pizza with chicken are more competitive and driven.

Those who liked a dose of chilli are proven to be risk takers, while olive lovers are more likely to be sensitive and trustworthy.

The research, conducted by pizza chain Milano’s, revealed that those who favour goat’s cheese (a favourite of X Factor host Dermot O’Leary) as a topping are predominantly easy going and sensitive.

Over 500 adults were put through a series of personality and psychiatric tests to determine whether their pizza of choice correlated with their traits.

Dr Alan Herch a smell and taste expert revealed that there has long been a link between what one chooses to eat and the characteristics of their personality.

“It’s long been known, thanks to Freud, that your personality will dictate what you look for in your food.

“For example, if you like spicy foods then you tend to be a risk-taker and like the adrenaline rush that comes with it, whereas people who prefer a lot of protein in their meal are often more sociable or outgoing.

“Food can be such an emotive thing – the taste, texture, smell – and we often prefer certain foods because of an underlying personality trait.”

The doctor believes that one can a lot about a love interest by the pizza they choose on their first date.

“You can tell a lot about someone by what they like on their pizza, which is useful when you’re on a date.

“You don’t just need to ask questions to get to know them, look at what they order to find out if they really are your perfect match or not.”

What does your pizza say about your personality?

Goat’s cheese pizza lovers are easy-going, empathetic, sensitive and are compatible with all pizza lovers.

Vegetarian pizza lovers are flirtatious, charming, self-absorbed and a little bit gullible and are most compatible with those who like seafood on their pizza.

Spicy Pepperoni lovers are extroverts but can easily get bored and are compatible with veggie pizza lovers.

Those who like egg and olives are loving, supportive, trustworthy and avoid the spotlight.

Seafood pizza lovers are principled, intelligent and critical and are most compatible with meat lovers.

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