Friday 19 July 2019

Bog butter: celebrity chef Kevin Thornton's latest trend

Chef Kevin Thornton of renowned Thornton's Restaurant in Dublin
Chef Kevin Thornton of renowned Thornton's Restaurant in Dublin

Celebrity chef Kevin Thornton has revealed his latest food trend - bog butter.

The chef, who owns Michelin starred restaurant Thornton’s on Stephen’s Green, said he recently tasted bog butter which was 4,000 years old.

He is now working to develop his own version of the traditional spread.

Thornton told RTE’s Kathryn Thomas today that he is constantly pushing his own boundaries as a creative chef.

“If I was to have a food trend, my food trend would be bog butter. We had some two weeks ago and it was nearly 4,000 years old.”

“I buried some butter in the bog, and I’ll do some research and go back in six months and check and see what stage before the butter turns.”

During his research into the history of the archaic delicacy, Thornton has discovered two reasons as to why butter was buried in a bog.

“One[reason] was to preserve it and the other was to thank the gods. They were offering the bog something special in the butter because the butter was maybe eight to ten kilos which was a big thing.”

“You’re talking about two churns of milk which 4,000 years ago would have been a huge amount of milk.”

Thornton discovered that the butter is

“I was really excited about it. We tasted it. There’s fermentation but it’s not fermentation because it’s gone way beyond that. Then you get this taste coming down or right up through your nose.”

“Because it’s a historical thing and you can’t really take it, I decided to bury some myself.”

“It’s coming to a slate near you.”

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