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Fast & fabulous: Delicious yet quick meals





I'm too busy; it's too expensive; I don't know how. These are the three excuses I always hear when I ask people why they don't cook at home more often. But I know that, with the right kit, some organisation and solid recipes, these excuses don't stand up.

You may be the busiest person in the world, but you still need to eat. In just 20-30 minutes, about the same time it takes to warm up a ready meal in the oven, watch something on TV or order and pick up a takeaway, I want to show you that you can have an amazing home-cooked spread on the table.

I recently realised that the way I was cooking during the week wasn't very efficient. Because I can cook, I often freestyle my meals and make things up as I go, but this has meant that, although the food tastes great, my approach was slightly chaotic and I ended up spending more time in the kitchen, and more time washing up, when I could have been putting the kids to bed and reading them a story.

So I started making a plan and approaching Monday to Thursday's meals methodically. I haven't looked back.

Of course, at the weekends I slow the pace down and really take my time in the kitchen, but with the week being so busy, it helps to be organised when it comes to shopping and cooking so you can have more fun with your free time.

Family time seems to come way down the priority list these days, so I hope that learning how to get beautiful, quick meals on the table will help to bring more people back together over meals.

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