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Culinary therapy


Fillet steak Provençale

Fillet steak Provençale

Fillet steak Provençale

These recipes are for anyone who loves food. The accomplished gourmet will appreciate the desire to show off the primary ingredients of a dish; the aspiring beginner or infrequent cook, on the other hand, can take comfort in the fact that most of the recipes need little know-how -- or time.

In fact, it will take you longer to wash the dishes than it will to cook them.

I have tried to provide recipes for a dish that will create a sense of occasion, which is vital for the Saturday night dinner party or the Sunday lunch gathering.

I like to use a lot of herbs. Why? Because they are fresh, vibrant, add colour and create flavour. The avocado starter with fresh herbs was inspired by a trip to Jamaica.

The olive paste and olives used in the fillet steak dish come out of jar and the anchovy filets are out of a tin. I like to keep things simple, and my recipes all about creating beautiful and delicious food without any aggro. It's about producing big flavours, and the beauty of it all is that, more often than not, no kitchen skill is required.

When it comes to entertaining at home, my tip is to keep it simple. Don't try to impress, and put the food in the middle of the table so people can help themselves. A cookery book is there to inspire you and the recipe is only a guideline -- it's not cast in stone. It's all about your palate at the end of the day.

Rebellious members of the family (young and old) must flick through these recipes: gastronomy, you see, is the greatest therapy to which any misfit can be exposed. And I should know.

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