Thursday 18 January 2018

Chicken Fajitas with Tomato Salsa

Serves 2,

Preparation 15 minutes,

Cooking time 20 minutes.


2 chicken fillets

1 red pepper

1 red onion

A teaspoon of cumin, a tablespoon of sweet paprika (small tub)

2 limes

4 tomatoes

2 spring onions

1 fresh red chilli

A small bunch of fresh coriander

100g of Cheddar cheese

4 flour tortillas

You will need from your cupboard:

Olive oil

Mayonnaise/sour cream


To start, get out all of the ingredients and equipment -- chopping board, sharp knife, large pan, grater, 2 bowls one for waste and one for prepared food.

Halve and deseed the pepper and cut into long thin strips. Peel, halve and finely slice the red onion.

Slice the chicken lengthways into long thin strips.

Put the peppers, onion and chicken into a bowl with the paprika and cumin. Squeeze in the juice of half a lime and drizzle over a tablespoon of olive oil and mix well. Put to one side and leave to marinate for five minutes.

Heat a pan and add the chicken mixture, reduce to a medium heat (you may need to add a little more oil to the pan), and cook, stirring every few minutes, for about 15 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.

Turn on the grill.

While the chicken mixture is cooking, make a start on the salsa. On a clean chopping board, cut the tomatoes in four, scoop out the seeds with the knife and discard the seeds. Dice the remaining flesh.

Top the spring onions, peel the outer layer and chop. Half and deseed the chilli, finely dice, using ½ to a full one to taste.

Put the chopped tomatoes and spring onion into a bowl along with the chilli (if using). Chop a small bunch of coriander leaves (coriander is quite a strong flavoured herb so use to taste), add to the salsa and season carefully.

Cut a lime in half and squeeze the juice from one half over the salsa (again to your taste) and toss.

Grate the cheese into a bowl.

When the chicken mixture is cooked, heat one side of the tortilla under the grill. Then, turn the tortilla and spoon some of the chicken mix down the centre.

Sprinkle over some of the cheese and put back under the grill to melt, being careful not to burn the tortilla.

If you prefer, you can bring everything to the table and assemble your own tortilla wraps using the fresh salsa, grated cheese, mayonnaise/ sour cream and serve with lime wedges.

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