Wednesday 29 January 2020

Carton house Christmas Pudding

Carton House

Serves six.


110g margarine/butter

110g brown sugar

50g sultanas, chopped

110g raisins, chopped

110g currants, chopped

50g candied peel, chopped

1 apple, grated

50g plain flour

110g breadcrumbs

25g almonds, chopped

½ tbsp mixed spice

¼ tbsp salt

Juice and rind of half a lemon/orange

2 large eggs

2 tbsps whiskey or half-bottle of Guinness


Beat the butter and sugar together in a large mixing bowl, then stir in all the fruit.

Stir in the flour, breadcrumbs, almonds, mixed spice and salt. Stir in the citrus juice and rind, then beat the eggs and add to the mixture with the whiskey or Guinness. Bind well and leave to settle overnight.

The next day, put the mixture into a well-greased bowl and cover with greaseproof paper. Steam or boil for four hours. When cool, store in a dry place for at least four weeks.

On Christmas Day, steam or boil the pudding again for two hours. Pour a little whiskey over it and light before serving. Serve with whiskey cream or brandy butter.

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