Friday 23 February 2018

Buy or make? Jennifer's verdict

Vanilla extract: MAKE

This is shockingly cheap to make; you will feel terrible about all those times you've bought one of those tiny bottles. You have to let it sit for four to six months but you save so much money.

You can make a gallon if you want to and it will last for ever. It also takes about five minutes.

Butter: BUY/

Peanut butter: MAKE

Don't make butter because it costs way more to make than to buy. The cost of the cream to make it will cost you more than buying the butter.

Home-made peanut butter, however, is delicious and costs a lot less than commercial peanut butter.

Bagels: MAKE

They are easy to make and taste superior to anything you could buy. They are also much cheaper. Things like baking will generally make sense financially. You save a lot of money by doing those homely kitchen tasks that your grandmother did.

Yoghurt: MAKE

I've made a tonne of yoghurt as it costs less and tastes better. The only thing is my kids are sometimes funny about eating it out of the jars I put them in; they like the little plastic containers.

Crisps: BUY

Don't bother making your own because you will never get them as good as the store-bought ones. To make them, thinly slice the potatoes and deep-fry them, but you can never recreate them.

Sausage: BUY

I really didn't enjoy stuffing sausages into casings. The process is long, tedious and disgusting. I would be happy to pay someone to do it for me.

Jam: yes and no

If you have some really good free fruit, then you should absolutely make it. Don't buy fruit from the supermarket, though, as it will cost more.

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