Friday 19 January 2018

Barfly: The Bailey, 12 Duke Street, D2

Tel: 01 6704939

Ed Power

Ed Power

The last time Barfly visited The Bailey, we thought we had mistakenly wandered into the Green Room at Xposé.

Everyone was blonde, female and 20-something and spoke in that classic southside Dublin American accent whereby tomato is pronounced 'to-may-do' and Twitter suddenly acquires two 'ds'.

Sitting at the bar with our unglamorous pint of lagerly fizz, we felt like the dude at the party nobody wants to speak to (which would prove to be quite literally the case).

This, needless to say, was during the glory days of the Celtic Tiger. Lots has changed since then, not least The Bailey, which is no longer part of the Thomas Read group and was the recent beneficiary of a ¤200,000 revamp.

The toilets have been spruced up, the exterior redone and the bar treated to new furniture, lighting and floorboards.

The idea, by all accounts, is to accentuate the pub's literary heritage (it has links to the first Bloomsday and was a popular gathering space for writers in the 50s and 60s).

However, the remake hasn't been too jarring and The Bailey is still recognisably the boozer where the beautiful people were wont to flock before the bank repossessed their soft-top BMWs.

In a world of constant upheaval, how good to know some things stay the same.

In the glass: Pint of stout ¤4.50, pint of lager ¤4.80

At the bar: The beautiful people and tourists (less beautiful)

On the stereo: Chill-out tunes

And? They've redone the menu too -- check it out at

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